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  1. valdo herby
    valdo herby March 27, 2014 at 4:12 AM | | Reply

    I saw Rex Schepp play in Las Vegas in about 1955, likely at the Flamingo. He came out in a tux for his solo act, with orchestra behind him, and played a number of classical pieces, with much fine single stringing. To play, he rested his banjo in a sort of music stand, which had a curved piece to match the fit of his banjo. He was fantastic and brought down the house.
    I remember some Rachmaninoff and some Tchaikovsky. He seemed to me to be about 55-65 at the time. . (Obviously, he was doing solo tours.) he inspired me to become a banjo player, and although I chose tenor, I’m not sure which four-stringed instrument Rex played. I suspect tenor. Hope this helps. I found promo photo of him much later in a Texas U. Archive of banjoists. I always forget which University down there has the huge vintage music collections. Other than my recollection and that photo of Rex, I have seen nothing of him, and have not heard him on record. I’ll try to locate Sand Dance. v herby, Thornton CO

  2. Jim Abrams
    Jim Abrams June 29, 2010 at 3:15 AM | | Reply

    One other thing I forgot to mention in my last note. I love your snappy theme song Sand Dance by Rex Shep (sp?). Can you tell us a bit about Rex Shep, when he was playing, and where he was from? Thanks again.

  3. Jim Abrams
    Jim Abrams June 29, 2010 at 3:10 AM | | Reply

    Another very fine job Hal. The poems and music are well selected and very entertaining, a real joy, as is your reading of them. They put me in mind of Tony Trischka’s 1995 album Glory Shone Around: A Christmas Collection, on which he has a poem, Banjo Cheer, by John Douglas. The poem originally appeared in the December 1911 issue of the Cadenza magazine. On the CD the TV/radio personality Charles Osgood narrates the poem. In any event, your excellent website keeps getting better and better. Thanks for everything you do.

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